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Nothing to Prove

When we enter into society, we are put in competition with each other immediately. Teachers grade us based on how average or above average we are to each other. We compete with each other for objects of affection, always wondering if who we are is good enough compared to the next person. You want to prove to the world that you are special and worthy of love, nice things, or respect. Sometimes I wonder how many things I actually want and how many of my goals are just there to prove a point to the rest of the world.

Today I stopped feeling the need to prove myself.

One mistake we make is not affirming our true selves. We are always changing. Maybe we improve, maybe we turn ourselves inside out and show the world who we really are inside, maybe we tuck some parts away in favor of others for the time being. But who we truly are - what we are made of - doesn’t change. We are clay, ready to be molded into something, whatever we want at almost any time, but we are still clay.

Let’s affirm the stuff we are made of instead of spending lifetimes trying to prove to the world that we are good.

I’m advocating for self-expansion, and self-celebration; become the best version of you, not a lukewarm version or the version that feels safe or decent to the general population. Safe never feels good. It always feels incomplete.

It’s easier said than done. So many of us know what it’s like to feel “weird” or out of place. It’s natural for humans to want to belong. For me, it took creating a safe space for myself and others like me, to belong together as ourselves. Find or create your safe place to affirm, expand, and live in your true self.

Cultivate your vibe. And liberate others in the process. The world is yours, always.

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